Newton Road

Notting hill, London

Client: Ms O

Completed: June 2012

Although this detached house in Notting Hill had already been partially renovated when it was purchased by the new owner, she felt that the layout needed a complete re-think as it had a lot of dead-end and under-utilised spaces.

At the heart of the re-organised scheme is a staircase which travels from the newly created, open-plan, lower-ground floor through to the new master suite floor on the first level.

The staircase itself provided us with a specific design challenge in its geometry and construction method. Once designed and digitally modeled we created a Nylon 3D printed scale models for the benefit of the client and for us as the design team to fine tune the design.

The result was a 288 piece, 18mm MDF, CNC cut, 3D jigsaw puzzle. Sprayed and lacquered tread by tread in the spray shop then sides of the stair were completed in a powder coated 4mm steel.

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