RIBA stages 0-1

Duck & Shed can help to identify the key project strategies in line with the core project requirements.

Once there has been a Site survey, we can work with the client to define the Project Objectives, Quality Objectives, Possible Outcomes, Sustainability aspirations, Project Budgets, and the an Initial Design Brief.

Duck & Shed can present all of this information as a detailed site report and feasibility study.

Duck & Shed charge fees for this stage of work as a pre-agreed lump sum, excluding any preliminary discussions & meetings, which would not be billable.


RIBA stage 2

Duck & Shed can provide thorough Concept Designs to help unlock the full potential of any project, site and program. The aim is to find a coherent Architectural Strategy and generate a Final Project Brief.

Along with architectural sketch designs this can also include outline proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary Cost Information.These will tie in with the relevant Project Strategies in accordance with the Design Programme.

Duck & Shed charge fees for this stage as a pre-agreed lump sum.