The Lakes

Gloucestershire, England.

Erfan Azadi at Jade Jagger for Yoo.

Client: The Raven Group

GDV: ~ £170M GDV (170 cabins overall).

Completion: June 2007

On a series of lakes in Gloucestershire, this was a Yoo and Raven group joint development for 170 large holiday cabins. The project involved such people as Phillipe Stark, Kelly Hoppen and Jade Jagger, each acting as the creative director for the design of their own individual cabin type.

The Jade, in many ways is a city response to living in the country with things like poured resin floors, mosaic bathrooms, TV snugs, and a hidden bar in the living room. Much of the house was based on her farm-house in Ibiza which is an on-going project part of which Erfan contributed to.

This cabin was unique in its design in that it has double height spaces over the entry hall and dining room with a ‘bridge gallery’ over the top. There is also a TV snug on ground level and a study on the landing on first floor.

Erfan Azadi as Senior designer for the project, drove the concept (architectural, interiors, furnishing) developed the technical design and oversaw its execution during construction.

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